Microcurrent Facial Lift by Fusion Ultra Beauty

Microcurrent Facial Lift by Fusion Ultra Beauty

Tones and contours the face while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in most clients. Fusion microcurrent facial not only treats the skin’s surface, it re-educates facial muscles to bring firmness and contour to the face.

What is Fusion Ultra Beauty?

Fusion Ultra Beauty is a multi-waveform electrical stimulation device that provides eight separate modes to improve skin tone and firmness and reduces wrinkles as well as providing anti-aging benefits for the skin. This device combines Microcurrent face lifting technology with ultrasound technology for the most effective way to improve the skin’s appearance. Most clients have experienced:


  • Cellular Rejuvenation/ Increases ATP by 30%
  • Elastin Production Increased by 48%
  • Increases Collagen by 16%
  • Blood Circulation – Increases Capacity by 38%
  • Skin Rehydration
  • Pore Tightening
  • Puffiness Reduction
  • Even Complexion
  • Face and Neck Toning

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